// Veza María Fernández Ramos


*06/11/86 (Erlangen)
Veza writes, dances and talks. Veza is interested in all scenic arts, that is why she likes mixing them all, she likes the possible and impossible dialogue between text and movement; she likes mixing classical theater, dance and performance formats with things that could be considered new. Veza loves repetition due to its expansible, versatile, beat-like nature. Dadaism and drama. She is quite an autodidact and a professional amateur. She was awarded with the bestOFFstyria 2014 Audience Price, danceWEB 2015, Artist in Europe Brussels scholarship and Freischwimmer 2016.

2018: Concept and Choreography Wenn Auge Mund Wird (Tanztheater) with Lina Gärtner, Magdalena Gasser, Denice Bourbon, Andrea Gunnlaugsdottir, Lau Lukkarila, Marta Navaridas, Olive Schellander, Stefanie Sourial, Teresa Vittucci, Elizabeth Ward
Brut Vienna
2017: Concept and Performance “und wie geht es dir heute” in the framework of the
exhibition Taumeln Kunsthaus Graz ,“Du (aber eigentlich geht es um mich)” Barbis Ruder WUK Vienna Concept and Performance together with Christina Lederhaas, “Pressures of the Heart”, Choreography “A Dirty Faust” by Nesterval Adventures under the direction of Matti Finnland Brut Vienna
2016: Concept and Performance “the father care piece piece” Freischwimmer 2016,
Performer in “Reigen (the making of a postporn Schnitzler), Yosi Wanunu, Haiko Pfost

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